Quincy Jones: A Life Less Ordinary Part One By Kathy Iandoli

How do you spell legend? With just one letter: Q. Quincy Delight Jones Jr. is a man who for the past six decades has carved a path so strong in the music industry, that his footprints were deep enough for others to follow. As Michael Jackson’s Thriller just celebrated its 25th Anniversary (December 1), it brings to light an important fact that there haven’t been many artists or albums that in some way weren’t touched by Mr. Quincy Jones.
From Frank Sinatra to Tupac Shakur, Quincy Jones makes music with no boundaries – as standalone singles, projects, or Hip-Hop samples. It’s no wonder why Astronaut Leland Melvin has chosen Jones’ 1969 classic “Walking In Space” as his song choice for waking up in space. The talents of Quincy Jones have awakened us all, and it was the greatest honor imaginable to have this living legend sit down and discuss his running history with us.
As someone whose body of work competes with his number of frequent flyer miles, Quincy enjoys traveling the world as a philanthropist just as much as he enjoys making records. His latest venture Star Camp with his son Quincy III and Nick Cannon brings state-of-the-art technology to shaping young creative minds with the gifts of singing, dancing, and rapping. In addition, there are new album projects coming soon. His mantra of worldwide betterment through music is one that we should all be driven enough to maintain. But it’s all in a day’s work, or as Quincy puts it, “global gumbo.”
AllHipHop.com Alternatives: Mr. Quincy Jones, it’s such an honor to be speaking with you.
Quincy Jones: Why thank you, honey, where are you?
AHHA: I’m in New York…well, sort of. I’m in New Jersey.
Quincy Jones: [laughs] That’s the country.
AHHA: Yes, I’m actually camping right now. [laughs]
Quincy Jones: [laughs] They used to have that old joke way back in the day. A Southern brother came up from Florida dying to get to New York, and he got to Newark, and the conductor said, “New Ark!” He jumped off and in three years he got to New York. [laughs]
AHHA: What did Woody Allen say? Anytime you’re outside of New York, you’re camping.
Quincy Jones: That’s right! [laughs] You’re camping, huh.
AHHA: That’s right.
Quincy Jones: God bless ya, honey.
AHHA: So how are you today?
Quincy Jones: Okay, just lots of stuff to do as usual.
AHHA: Well first, congratulations on being honored by the Grammy’s…
Quincy Jones: Thank you. Fifty years ago, we’re sitting around the room saying, “Maybe it would be a good idea to have a record academy.” And we’ve got one. It’s amazing.
AHHA: Also, congratulations on Star Camp. Your son [QD3] sent us the link and it looks amazing.
Quincy Jones: It is the most moving, wait until you see it. [The kids] are so talented, honey, and committed. We’ve really chosen the right eight kids for the right reasons. They have this mission; they’ve got their goals in sight. So much passion behind it, and insight. One girl – she’s a singer, I couldn’t believe it – said she likes all those singers from back in the day, the ‘40s and all.
That really impresses me, because it means they’re into the legacy and all. Really incredible singers, dancers, rappers and everything. [Star Camp] really gives them a goal to get into a [career] that they can spend the rest of their lives depending on. Being creative, it’s wonderful. I mean really, really wonderful. I was more than moved, I was touched you know? They’re young too. One of them is 13 years old and says, “I want to be a role model.” [I said], “Well that’s a big commitment, you know? You have to act like one.” A lot of the old ones out there don’t know how to do that. [laughs]
AHHA: What is it like working so closely with your son [QD3] on this project?
Quincy Jones: That’s the biggest thrill of all. My son has been a professional for a long time, and we’ve done a lot of things together, but we’re getting more and more into television production and DVDs. He has a great DVD company. I just got the rights to a movie we’re gonna do together – a big movie about the Black gangsters. It’s called
The Policy Kings. Those were the Jones boys my daddy worked for in Chicago when I was a kid. They were no joke, honey. No joke.
AHHA: I’m Italian, so I can only imagine…
Quincy Jones: You’re Italian. You know what’s up then. [laughs]
AHHA: Italian from New Jersey.
Quincy Jones: That’s right. I know all those Jersey boys. Pesci was here the other day. Joe Pesci, he’s from Jersey. So are [Jack] Nicholson, [John] Travolta. Those are all my dogs. I’ve been around Pesci or even Jack before they happened. Before [Jack Nicholson] did Easy Rider. Joe Pesci, we’re gonna produce his next album, singing. He’s brilliant. Oh boy he’s brilliant. I’ve worked with the best and he is no joke. He is fantastic.

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